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Dr. Weiss is unique as a trainer, teacher, and coach because of his ability to take challenging and difficult concepts in the realm of negotiation and conflict management and translate the ideas simply and effectively for a lay audience. He helps people to understand the critical importance of knowledge and skills in this realm and leaves them with easy-to-use frameworks. Dr. Weiss customizes his materials to specific audiences. The versatility of his offerings, from in person trainings to customized podcasts, from online seminars and webinars to the development of negotiation and conflict management networks ensure seamless adaptation within any company structure.

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Customized, in-person negotiation, mediation, & conflict management training and workshops

Half-day, full-day, and two-day workshops are offered as a stand-alone product or as part of a larger learning suite of services to organizations. Examples of trainings include (but are not limited to): Interest-Based Negotiation; How to say No effectively in Negotiation; Negotiation training for sales professionals; The Well Rounded Negotiator: At Work, At Home, and In Life; Dealing with Difficult People; and Analyzing, Understanding and Managing Conflict in the workplace.

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Keynote Speeches

Keynote speeches or other smaller talks and lectures on negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution are available. The focus of these speeches ranges from dealing with interpersonal conflicts to conflicts in the workplace and from effective negotiation in today’s competitive marketplace to international conflict resolution.

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Negotiation and conflict management coaching & consulting in real time situations

Real time assistance and consultation during your negotiations, mediations, or in managing conflicts is available. This advice is provided during the preparation phase of the process, in the process itself, and as part of the implementation of any agreement.

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Online training, webinars & courses in negotiation, mediation, & conflict management

Hour-long webinars to full-length courses are offered on negotiation, mediation, and the effective handling of conflict. This can be done with the use of video conferencing, through an interface such as Microsoft Live Meeting and a telephone teleconference, or other mediums.

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Tailored podcasts & audio recordings for training follow-up or to be housed within a company’s internal network

After a training or workshop participants have a tendency to fall back into their old ways of working.  Tailored podcasts and other audio recordings on issues or topics relevant to your organization are available to serve as real-time advice people can listen to anytime a challenge or conflict arises. These recordings can also be stand-alone products and customized to address issues that your company or organization struggles with. 

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Creation of a company-wide negotiation or conflict management network and suite of supporting materials

To create a culture in a company of effective negotiation or handling of conflict one must take a systematic and companywide approach. This requires working with multiple levels of a company and providing diverse skills to people in different roles, as well as establishing an internal network where these issues can be discussed and advice, materials and tools can be available to help people at different stages of the process of negotiation and the handling of conflict.

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