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The Book of Real World Negotiations

Real world negotiation examples and strategies from one of the most highly respected authorities in the field This unique book can help you change your approach to negotiation by learning key strategies and techniques from actual cases. 

Real World Negotiations Book Cover

Real-world negotiation examples and strategies from one of the most highly respected authorities in the field.


This unique book can help you change your approach to negotiation by learning key strategies and techniques from actual cases. You will learn how to effectively and productively negotiate through hard-to-find real-world examples. The Book of Real World Negotiations: Successful Strategies from Business, Government and Daily Life shines a light on real-world negotiation examples and cases rather than discussing hypothetical scenarios. It reveals what is possible through preparation, persistence, creativity, and taking a strategic approach to your negotiations. Many of us enter negotiations with skepticism and without understanding how to truly negotiate well. Because we lack knowledge and confidence, we may abandon the negotiating process prematurely or agree to deals that leave value on the table.  

The Book of Real World Negotiations will change that once and for all by immersing you in these real-world scenarios. As a result, you’ll be better able to grasp the true power of negotiation to deal with some of the most difficult problems you face or to put together the best deals possible. This book also shares critical insights and lessons for instructors and students of negotiation, especially since negotiation is now being taught in virtually all law schools, many business schools, and in the field of conflict resolution. Whether you’re a student, instructor, or anyone who wants to negotiate successfully, you’ll be able to carefully examine real-world negotiation situations that will show you how to achieve your objectives in the most challenging circumstances. The cases are organized by realms―domestic business cases, international business cases, governmental cases, and cases that occur in daily life. From these cases, you will learn more about:

  • Exactly how to achieve a Win-Win outcome

  • The critical role of underlying interests

  • The kind of thinking that goes into generating creative options

  • How to consider your and the other negotiator’s Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

  • Negotiating successfully in the face of power

  • Achieving success when negotiating cross-culturally


Once you understand through these cases that negotiation is the art of the possible, you’ll stop saying "a solution is impossible." With the knowledge and self-assurance you gain from this book, you’ll roll up your sleeves and keep negotiating until you reach a mutually satisfactory outcome!

James K. Sebenius, Professor at Harvard Business School and Director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, Harvard Law School and author, The Manager as Negotiator.

“In his wonderful new book, Joshua Weiss has drawn on years of experience to tell dozens of concise, memorable stories as his way of conveying useful negotiation lessons. His approach taps into timeless Native American wisdom: ‘Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.’  (Indeed, this is the secret of the most effective case studies at Harvard Business School, where I teach. Shhh...)  Read Joshua’s book straight through or sample his engaging stories at random and you will be richly rewarded with invaluable advice.”  

Joe Navarro, FBI Special Agent (ret.), MA, author of the international bestseller, What Every BODY is Saying.

“Dr. Joshua Weiss has given us an intellectual gift that will have a long shelf life in the realm of negotiation. Each carefully curated and dissected story, written perfectly to entice our curiosity, educates and enlightens us at a pace that is just right for the eager reader who seeks guidance as well as immediately useful tools. One can be forgiven for reading the first hundred pages oblivious to the world around you, as if on a quest. And what a quest—easy to understand—succulent to the mind. Each example is expertly broken down into the most important lessons each of us should know and master when it comes to negotiations. By the time you finish, you know that you have been bequeathed a treasure you can return to time and time again.”  

Michael Wheeler, chaired Professor (retired), Harvard Business School, author, The Art of Negotiation.

“Joshua Weiss’ The Book of Real-World Negotiations is an impressive contribution to the negotiation field. Weiss draws on his experience as an innovative teacher and sought-after adviser to share with us compelling stories of successful outcomes in the face of daunting obstacles. His mini-cases range from complex business deals to life-and-death situations. (One involves a police officer who persuaded a distraught man not to hang himself.) From each memorable tale, Weiss extracts broad, practical lessons that will enable readers to enhance their negotiation skills in their work, their communities, and in their personal lives, as well. I recommend it enthusiastically!"  

Sheila Heen, Senior Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School, Co-Author, Difficult Conversations

“The Book of Real-World Negotiations lets us eavesdrop on the conundrums, mistakes, missteps, insights, and triumphs of seasoned negotiators from around the world.  Their real-life stories are fascinating, funny, insightful, wise, and the lessons are as valuable as they are memorable.  A must for any negotiator's bookshelf." 

Daniel L. Shapiro, PhD, Director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program and author, Negotiating the Nonnegotiable

“Highly recommended!  Negotiation expert Joshua Weiss masterfully presents a variety of real-life negotiation dilemmas and reveals hidden routes to reach optimal outcomes.  A fascinating read that should be at the top of every negotiator’s reading list.”

Lt. Scott Tillema, FBI trained hostage negotiator and Negotiation Instructor

“Dr. Weiss combines the gripping stories of North America’s top hostage negotiation instructors with the brilliant insight of negotiation experts from the public and private sector to create a much needed addition to any negotiation library!” 

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