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Dr. Weiss is the creator of several innovative books for adults and children centering negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Dr. McFiddle Book Cover
Dr. McFiddle's Brillian Book of Creative Conflict Potions and Other Magical Things

This book is designed to teach children ages 8 to 11 the key skills needed to resolve conflict. To do so, Dr. McFiddle and her protégé, Jasmine, engage in a wildly unique journey to demonstrate the skills to handle conflict through all kinds of mysterious and baffling concoctions and enchanted delights. 

The Book of Real World Negotiations

“Weiss has given us an intellectual gift that will have a long shelf life in the realm of negotiation. Each carefully curated story enlightens the reader who seeks guidance and useful tools. By the time you finish, you know you have been bequeathed a treasure.”

—Joe Navarro, FBI Special Agent (retired), author, What Every BODY Is Saying

Real World Negotiations Book Cover Joshua Weiss
The Chickie & Emo Series
Chickie and Emo Series Joshua Weiss
Dalai Lama endorsement seal

"Trouble at the Watering Hole is a landmark contribution to conflict resolution. A difficult subject has been brilliantly reduced to first principles for young readers. It will lead the younger generation to a more peaceful society."

—Sriram Panchu: Founder, Indian Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Chennai, India

The Negotiator in You Series

Did you ever think it possible to negotiate with your boss? Do you dread planning holidays with your in-laws? Do salary discussions make your stomach turn? Escape second-guessing and selling yourself short by finding the Negotiator in You!

Negotiator in You Series Cover by Joshua Weiss
Which Way Forward
Which Way Forward Book Cover by Joshua Weiss

How do some of the most prominent mediators of our time, including Nobel Peace Prize winner and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, former Finnish President Marti Ahtisarri, and many U.S. and U.N. Ambassadors work to prevent and transform conflict? In this book, major figures in international mediation reveal insights and intricate details about their own individual peacemaking strategies.

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