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"Josh is engaging, highly knowledgeable, and conducts a superb training session."

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"Dr. Weiss is an expert and excellent trainer in negotiation."

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Training Participant Testimonials

"As someone who recognized the importance of effective negotiation in my career, I sought out Josh as a trusted mentor and guide, and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I have made. From our first meeting, Josh exhibited an exceptional level of expertise and a genuine passion for helping individuals excel in negotiation. His deep knowledge of negotiation strategies and techniques, coupled with his ability to understand my specific needs and challenges, created a highly personalized coaching experience that was tailored to my professional goals. He skillfully challenged and pushed me to step outside of my preconceived notions, enabling me to develop a newfound confidence in my negotiation abilities. I appreciate Josh’s uses of practical tools that I could immediately apply in real-life scenarios, equipping me with the skills necessary to navigate complex negotiations with ease and grace. Negotiation is a skill and with Josh’s continued guidance, I feel it is one I am learning to master."

Jason Matusow, GM International Standards Group, Microsoft

"Dr. Weiss provided the Microsoft International Standards team with expertise and insights that were immediately relevant to our work. We are engaged in complex, multi-party negotiations daily--the framework and case studies presented in the training were excellent. Dr. Weiss gave us a common vocabulary as a team and the tools we need to apply the training directly to our active negotiations."

Nate Cosper, Div. VP Commercial Operations Caliper Life Sciences

“Dr. Weiss provided exceptional negotiation training to our sales, service and marketing teams. These sessions provided our team with a common language that is still used today to develop negotiating strategies. He is engaging, highly knowledgeable and conducts a superb training session.”

Betty R. Kuhnert, Ph.D., MBA, LLC, Independent Consultant

“I have used Dr. Joshua Weiss to provide Negotiation or Conflict Management Skills training to two different clients. Both times the sessions were excellent, and the participants’ evaluations were almost a perfect 5 out of 5. He is very good about customizing his materials to make them applicable to the client’s situation and offers follow-up to participants who want to contact him by e-mail. I’ve enjoyed meeting him and I’m looking forward to working with him in the future.”

Sean Howe, Oregon

“Thank you so much for the training you provided our team. Everyone felt that they took away several pearls that they could put to use immediately in managing conflict in our area of business. I would highly recommend your course to anyone in business who has to deal with conflict and/or negotiation. Thanks again for your valuable insight.”

Mitch Glanz, Insight & Strategies

“Dr. Weiss is an expert and excellent trainer in negotiation. His teaching style is inclusive and brings you into the topic as opposed to being afraid of it. His real-world knowledge of negotiation combined with his study of the best methods allows him to customize his lectures and responses to the needs of those in the class. He challenges his students to think outside the box when navigating disputes or conflicts thereby expanding their negotiation toolbox. What I really like about his teaching method is that he teaches principles that can be used in almost any situation. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning about negotiation.”

Cathy Anderson, Shire Pharmaceuticals

“The workshop that Dr. Weiss conducted was excellent, providing everyone in our small group with ideas and techniques that could be applied to both the professional and personal situations. A good part of the program’s success was a result of the effort he made beforehand to understand the particular circumstances of our group. This enabled him to tailor his examples and exercised to our specific needs. We would welcome an opportunity to work with him again.”

Terry Reeves, Mariposa Museum

"Josh is authentic, funny, humble, has a wealth of knowledge, and is at ease with a group that makes people feel immediately comfortable. We are grateful to have been on the receiving end of his talk and learned so very much from him."

Podcast Listener Testimonials
Matthew Nielsen, Impact Photographics, El Dorado Hills, CA

“The podcasts by Dr. Weiss have been very useful in my sales position. The convenience of downloading the sessions allows me to listen to them during my daily commute. Knowing why certain techniques are useful is key to success in negotiating. Dr. Weiss approaches the subject through many different avenues, giving the listener new perspectives on negotiating. The guests he interviews have applicable insights from actual experience, which makes the theory relatable. Thank you, Dr. Weiss, for the useful information. Anyone can learn and implement these tips at work and at home.”

Anke & Matthias Maslaton

“Especially if you learn best by listening, these podcasts are a wonderful gem! You should subscribe today! From someone at the world-famous Harvard Program on Negotiation you learn step by step through information, stories, and puzzles that negotiation is neither confrontation nor war, but a collaborative effort to find a sustainable solution for all parties involved. This is the best managerial podcast on the market!”

Anthony J. Ozelis, Jr.
, Founder & CEO
, Location Island, LLC

"As a corporate real estate development professional with over 20 years of experience and more than a few negotiation courses under my belt, I constantly find lasting value in each one of your podcasts. I especially enjoy your dedication to the art and your mastery of the techniques concerning various facets of negotiating. I see it as an extremely valuable asset and feel it should be required listening for anyone involved in business today.”

Jonathan Reitman

“I found Dr. Weiss’s podcasts while browsing business podcasts on iTunes. My work requires a lot of talking and negotiating with customers and suppliers and my education is a primarily technical one in nature and I like his podcasts very much. What I like most are real-life examples that Dr. Weiss is using to explain some negotiating principles. He is not using just academic talk but real-life situations and that makes those tips much easier to apply and give them special value for me."

Mladen Kuzminski, Croatia, Europe

“I’m currently in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I teach Arab and Jewish graduate students Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Management. I am sure that many of you also teach these subjects at various levels, so I want to share an assignment I gave my students which has proved very successful. I have my students listen to a podcast of their choosing and then write me a short paper summarizing what they learned and their reaction to it. They seem to enjoy it and learn a lot. Thank you, Dr. Weiss, for sharing your insights so broadly."

Ian Jamieson

“I have been listening to your podcasts for about six months. During this time I was involved in a protracted and difficult negotiation for a long term contract with a customer. I used the key principles discussed in the podcasts to progress the negotiations and reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. I also find that during more routine negotiations the principles also have application.”

Clif Krause

“I am very fond of your podcasts and thank you for releasing them to the masses. I get them from iTunes and use them on my daily jogging regime. I find your topics very helpful and they help increase my comfort level when I prepare for some sort of negotiation. Power is knowledge so thanks for the power to navigate through the dynamics of negotiations more comfortably. Keep up the good work!”

Diane J. Levin, Esq., Mediation News Online

“I try to tune in each week to catch your podcasts. They are a triumph of brevity and wit, remarkable for how much invaluable information and stimulating ideas they contain in a tiny, three-minute-long package. It’s always a pleasure to listen in.”

Kit Lammers

“While I don’t negotiate professionally, I negotiate every day with friends, family and even my wife. These podcasts help me to step back and look at everyday situations from a different viewpoint. I like them because they relate to the real world and improves my communication abilities."

Gretchen Kreiger 

“I don’t know how I came across your podcast, but I’ve been listening to it with great appreciation. While I don’t have a business background, I have nevertheless found your programs to be very thought provoking and informative. Here’s hoping that some of your sound advice is making its way into my everyday interactions. Best of luck to you and many thanks for your good work.”

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