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Dr. Joshua N. Weiss - Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Expert, Author, Consultant & Speaker

Dr. Joshua Weiss's insightful narratives and practical guides converge to illuminate the art of negotiation and conflict resolution. Explore a diverse collection of works that span from real-world negotiation strategies to engaging storybooks designed to teach children essential conflict resolution skills. Each book is crafted to inspire, educate, and empower readers at every stage of their negotiation journey, offering valuable insights and actionable strategies for personal and professional success.

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Getting Back to the Table: 5 Steps for Reviving Stalled Negotiations

The co-founder of Harvard's Global Negotiation Initiative and a renowned global guru in negotiations presents a dynamic strategy for overcoming stalled or failed negotiations that empower individuals to return to the table with increased strength and resilience, leveraging the setbacks they encountered.

When negotiations fail it can be hard to start over. Some people give up, others forget and move on, but the truly successful negotiator learns. Celebrated negotiation thought-leader and member of the UN Negotiations team, Dr. Joshua N. Weiss, introduces an evidence-based model for when negotiations stall or fail.

Getting Back to the Table explores the reality of failure in negotiation. It lays out the types of failure that can happen, how to cope with it when it does, and how we can be resilient in the face of it. Using Dr. Weiss's easy-to-use framework, readers can successfully get back to the negotiation table. Failing in negotiations is inevitable, but learning and growing from failure is not.

Release Date: February 11, 2025

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The Book of Real World Negotiations

Successful Strategies from Business, Government, and Daily Life

Learn key negotiation strategies and techniques from real-world examples with The Book of Real World Negotiations by Dr. Joshua N. Weiss. This unique resource provides insights into effective negotiation through hard-to-find case studies from business, government, and daily life. Discover how to negotiate productively and strategically, leveraging preparation, persistence, and creativity for successful outcomes.

Real World Negotiations Book Cover Joshua Weiss

“Weiss has given us an intellectual gift that will have a long shelf life in the realm of negotiation. Each carefully curated story enlightens the reader who seeks guidance and useful tools. By the time you finish, you know you have been bequeathed a treasure.”

—Joe Navarro, FBI Special Agent (retired), author, What Every BODY Is Saying

negotiator in you on ipad

Did you ever think it possible to negotiate with your boss? Do you dread planning holidays with your in-laws? Do salary discussions make your stomach turn? Escape second-guessing and selling yourself short by finding the Negotiator in You!

The Negotiator in You Series

The Negotiator In You series by Dr. Joshua N. Weiss offers listeners a deep dive into the art and science of negotiation. With over two million downloads, this series explores practical strategies and real-world examples to enhance negotiation skills. Whether you're negotiating in business, diplomacy, or everyday life, each episode delivers actionable tips and insights to help you achieve better outcomes. Join Dr. Joshua Weiss as he shares decades of expertise, making negotiation accessible and empowering for all listeners.

Which Way Forward

This book navigates the complexities of decision-making in a rapidly changing world and offers practical guidance for individuals and organizations facing critical choices. Drawing on his extensive experience in negotiation and conflict resolution, Dr. Joshua N. Weiss provides strategies to navigate uncertainty, foster collaboration, and achieve sustainable solutions. Whether you're grappling with personal dilemmas or steering organizational direction, this book equips you with the tools to navigate challenges and chart a clear path toward success.

Which Way Forward Book Cover by Joshua Weiss

Discover how global mediators like Nobel Peace Prize winner and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, and numerous U.S. and U.N. Ambassadors prevent and transform conflicts. This book unveils personal insights and detailed peacemaking strategies from these influential figures in international mediation.

abraham path books covers

The reader will go on an amazing journey of discovery of historical and archeological sites, glimpses of everyday life across the region, and the people of the Abraham Path. 

The Abraham Path: A Photographic Impressionist Journey

Embark on a visual journey with this pictorial travel two-book series, capturing the vibrant, impressionistic images along the Path of Abraham. Starting in Harran, Southeastern Turkey, volume I guides you through Syria, Jordan, and parts of Palestine. Volume II continues down the Path in Palestine, then on to Israel, and culminates in the Sinai with some extraordinary images of vistas, people, archeological and historical sites, and unique cultural practices. These books offer a unique perspective on the Middle East, sure to captivate and intrigue. 

Dr. McFiddle's Brilliant Book of Creative Conflict Potions and Other Magical Things

This book teaches children aged eight to 11 essential conflict resolution skills. Through the adventures of Dr. McFiddle, a scientist and witch specializing in conflict resolution, and her apprentice Jasmine, readers embark on a whimsical journey. Using mystical concoctions and enchanted tools from her bag "Old Matilda", Dr. McFiddle demonstrates skills like empathy, assertiveness, creative problem-solving, discovering hidden interests, and managing emotions. This engaging tale not only entertains but equips children with practical tools to handle life's conflicts effectively.

Mcfiddle book cover

This book is designed to teach children ages 8 to 11 the key skills needed to resolve conflict. To do so, Dr. McFiddle and her protégé, Jasmine, engage in a wildly unique journey to demonstrate the skills to handle conflict through all kinds of mysterious and baffling concoctions and enchanted delights. 

Chickie and Emo Series Joshua Weiss

"Trouble at the Watering Hole is a landmark contribution to conflict resolution. A difficult subject has been brilliantly reduced to first principles for young readers. It will lead the younger generation to a more peaceful society."

—Sriram Panchu: Founder, Indian Centre for Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Chennai, India

The Chickie & Emo Series

The Chickie and Emo series of books are designed to teach children aged six to 10 valuable negotiation and conflict resolution skills through engaging stories. In Trouble at the Watering Hole, the duo learns creative problem-solving. Bullied No More addresses the sensitive issue of bullying, while Phony Friends, Besties Again tackles social media conflicts. These books empower young readers with practical strategies to navigate challenging situations, fostering empathy, resilience, and positive social interactions.

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